Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 7. Reno to Sacramento, CA.

Plans changed a bit and we decided to head to Sacramento instead of San Francisco. It was really hot. One of the locals told me it was 103 degrees. The area near the steamboats was quaint and we walked around for a bit but it was just too hot to be motivated to check out many shops. We were going to head to Ford's for a burger since we read about them in a book but the bartender told us of another place--Nation-Wide. We tried it out but the burgers were nothing special at all. We then headed down toward Yosemite. On one of the roads we came to a detour stating that we should expect to wait at the red light for 15 minutes. Well...that was for any vehicle that did not have a driver from Florida in front of them. We got to wait twice since the person in front of did not move when the light turned green. It turns out that this strange detour was due to a rock slide that had taken out the road so that traffic both ways had to alternate using the detour road. We had trouble finding a place to stay. One establishment wanted $275 for the room and, since we are simply looking for a place to sleep along our journey, we chose to keep looking. The search took us all the way to Yosemite. We ended up purchasing the weekly pass and we rented a cabin tent. Talk about deluxe digs. For the opportunity to spent a night in very rustic circumstances, we paid twice as much as we paid for the economy room in Reno. Our economy accomodations we a cut below what we had been staying in on previous nights but now we paid twice a much to give up a bathroom, air conditioning, comfortable beds, quiet, TV, and Wi-Fi. OK, so we decided to make the most of it and enjoy communing with nature, however unexpectedly. I tried really hard to ignore the second -hand smoke wafting through the cabin on the one side and the German argument on the other. "Quiet time" may be from 10-6am but I suppose that is open to interpretation. Sound travels so easily at night so I could hear the snoring next door and even the hum of any conversations in neighboring cabins. It is a must to lock up any food, deodorant, etc so people would comply by locking their things in the metal lockers outside of the cabins. I kept expecting to hear shouts of "BONSAI!" as other campers slammed their lockers closed. Seriously, can't people simply close a locker??? We would just be drifting off the sleep and...Bonsai! another locker got slammed. I know there are all levels of camping but, regardless, I think my window for any kind of camping must have closed firmly about twenty years ago. I need a clean bathroom and my books, and my computer. I don't want to use a flashlight to find the bathroom or have people snoring, talking, shouting, or slamming just a couple of feet away from my bed on the other side a canvas wall.

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