Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 2--Fort Wayne to Ankeny Iowa

We left Fort Wayne at 8:25. We drove through the remainder of Indiana and then started the Illinois leg of the journey. It began to rain but it wasn't too big a deal. We were surprised at the amount of corn in Illinois. We expected Iowa to be the big corn state but we went through more cornfields in Illinois. In fact, there was even a cemetery in the middle of a cornfield. We hit traffic in Sugar Grove so we stopped to eat at the Sunrise Restaurant on Rte 30. The food was OK but the people we very friendly. We crossed the Mississippi and entered Clinton, Iowa. We were traveling on Rte 30 so the pace was slower. Of course there were more cornfields but at least the terrain was not so flat. We found the famous Lincoln Highway bridge in Tama, Iowa and stopped to take some photos. We decided to get off the road at 8:00 (ET) but that was really 7:00 local time. We put in 550 miles which is more than we had expected. We had dinner at Guadalajara, a small Mexican restaurant. The enchiladas and quesadillas were very good and we had our first taste of Dos Equi. Tomorrow we will finish up in Iowa and head through Nebraska.

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