Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 16. Las Vegas, Nevada

We headed up to Palmdale to pick up Anthony. After a quick breakfast we were off to Las Vegas. We experienced some unusual weather in the form of a rainstorm in the desert. We even took some pictures of rainwater build-up in the desert. It is hard to tel but the photos that are taken through the car window, with the raindrops visible, shows the collected water. It may look like it is sand but that is the water. Unfortunately, this created some humidity in Vegas. We stayed at Circus Circus. We walked the strip and tried to avoid the abundant card snappers. We had dinner at the Irish Pub at New York, New York. It really was a bit too hot so we headed back to our hotel. Tony and Anthony left the tables a bit ahead. Tony played some roulette and Anthony dabbled in some blackjack and roulette. I, of course, refrained from any gambling. We were going to have breakfast at the hotel buffet in the morning but the long lines were a turn-off.

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