Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 5. Craig, CO to Salt Lake City

Traveled from north in Colorado into Wyoming. Very dry terrain. We headed west toward Utah. We zigged instead of zagging and ended up in Idaho. What a neat detour that ended up being. We discovered Bear Lake which was absolutely beautiful. It appeared to be aquamarine when we first came across it. It was as though we had teleported to a tropical island. The lake is quite large and we explored further. Supposedly, the lake changes color. There is a photo above of a plaque that describes the cthe lake's colors. However, it states that the lake is aquamarine in stormy weather and it was not at all stormy on the day we were there--nor the day before or after. It was sunny when we were there and the lake was first aquamarine and then blue. I was very tempted to buy some acreage and never come back home. There was beautiful mountain scenery on the side of the lake we were on with some homes with perfect panoramic views of both the lake and mountains. The photos do not do the area justice. We ended up continuing our journey and headed south to Utah. We spent the night in Salt Lake City and had dinner at Lofte's. The food was great and reasonably priced and the staff was very friendly. Definitely give this place a visit if you are in the airport area of SLC!
Finding the hotel was a bit difficult and we ended up going in circles for a bit.

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