Tuesday, July 14, 2009

DAY 6. Salt Lake City, Utah to Reno, Nevada

Left SLC at 8:40 after Tony took care of some car stuff--check engine light. We went past what we assume was the lake. The salt flats were cool--many people have left messages on the flats using rocks. I wanted to stop and leave "Please Pass the Salt" but Tony nixed that one. Buzz kill. I really wanted to stop and explore the texture of the salt and all but I guess he was in a hurry to get to Reno. We stopped in for a quickie divorce and then dinner at Harrah's. Saw a mini show at Circus Circus but, overall, Reno slept through the alarm today.


  1. A divorce is a unique souvenir!! Happy travels!

  2. Hey guys, Joe and Danielle here...we love the pictures and comments. We envy you - we've always wanted to do this, but we'll have to wait until the kid(s) get older...by the way, I did say kids (plural) as Danielle is due to be induced with our second little one on Friday. We'll keep you posted...keep us updated on your travels!